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Collaborate Academy

Over the last several years, we acquired valuable experience
in managing EU-funded research projects (e.g., Horizon Europe and IMI). 
We want to share this with you.

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Checklist for teleconferences

We all spend many hours in teleconferences, let's make them more effective!

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Proposal timeline

This article covers all the steps involved in drafting & submitting a project proposal.

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5 tips to organise your project folders

Good organisation of your documents and folders will save you time. Check out five tips we have to offer you.

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Horzon Europe timesheet template 

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Research project websites

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Horizon Europe Applications

Timesheets are essential to track your time and used as a basis for cost reporting. Check out our timesheet which covers all the minimal requirements.

Looking for good examples of research project websites? Here they are!

There are several software solutions for managing projects out there, including some specialised in managing Horizon Europe research projects.


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