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Be successful and efficient on your calls 

Teleconferences are one of the major ways of collaboration in many organisations. Yet many employees regard some of their conferences as a waste of time as they see how poorly they are setup and managed. For this reason it is crucial to make proper use of our main tools - such as teleconferences. 


We summarised for you some tips for your next teleconference.  


1. Steps before the TELCO

  • Check your connection with the internet

  • Avoid any interruptions or background noises (pro tip: use noise cancelling software such as KRISP) 

  • Set up the goals that you want to achieve with the meeting 

  • Before the meeting starts, review the minutes of last meeting and your agenda items

  • Enter on the call shortly before the meeting starts 

  • Have paper and pen ready or use use digital notebook to write quickly notes (pro tip: share your minutes with the attendees during the call)


2. First 5 minutes of TELCO

  • Welcome the attendees

  • Go through the agenda of the meeting and explain the minutes

  • Make sure to tell them the main goals of the teleconference


3. During the TELCO

  • Make sure the attendees know where they are on the agenda, which point they are discussing 

  • Instead of recording the discussion in the minutes - no one wants to read them - focus on action items and key decisions


4. Closing the TELCO

  • Before the TELCO ends, it is important to check the decision and action items you just agreed

  • Thank for the participation and contribution

  • It‘s good if everyone leaves the meeting with a good feeling, so say something positive about the telco, like:
    “Today we were productive!“;
     “This TELCO was effective! I‘m looking forward to seeing the results!“
     “We were great today!“


5. After the TELCO

  • Send an email saying thank you for the attendees and asking if they have some feedback on how to improve the next teleconferences 

  • Send the minutes to the attendees via email

Following this tips, you may be sure that your teleconference will be well organized, more productive and efficient. Keeping attendees informed and with a clear understanding of the next steps and activities. 

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