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Finance Management 
for Horizon Europe
research projects

"From proposals to the sustainability of project results, our mission is to reduce the burden for researchers and empower them to collaborate efficiently."

Finance Management Services   

Budget Monitoring

Budget control and monitoring at the consortium and organisation level, consultation on Horizon Europe and H2020 financial regulations, preparation for project review. 


Coordination & preparation of all parts of the (periodic) report including technical and financial, cross-checking information at the consortium and organisation level, tracking deliverables and milestones and ensuring timely submission.

Good Financial Practice

Confused about timesheets? Unsure which category to declare costs in?
Difficulty calculating monthly rates? Want to reorganise your person-months?

Reach us out to learn how to keep track of your Horizon Europe or H2020 projects.

Training and Consulting

Want to up-skill your team or need help in the finance or reporting aspects of Horizon Europe?

Reach us out to hear about our MasterClass!


 +49 176 2313 7668

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