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Project Management 
for Horizon Europe 
research projects

"From proposals to the sustainability of project results, our mission is to reduce the burden for researchers and empower them to collaborate efficiently."

Project Management Services   

Budget Monitoring

Budget controlling, audit preparation, consultation on financial regulations


Coordination & preparation of all parts of the report including technical and financial, cross-checking information of all partners, ensuring timely submission

Progress Monitoring

Regular progress surveys, monitoring deliverables & publications, updating of the grant agreement (amendments), generating useful templates

Meeting Organisation

Draft agendas, technical setup & support, meeting website, billing, capture minutes & create action items, follow-up 

Internal Communication

Hosting of telephone conferences, event scheduling, organising & hosting general assembly meetings, set up communication interface

External communication

Coordination of communication activities, handling press releases, drafting publication policy, organising & hosting webinars, 
dissemination, social media

We are providing our services for the following ongoing projects


A public-private reseach project on patient preference

  • 33 project partners

  • more than 140 scientists and dozens of stakeholders involved

  • 12 million € project budget

BD_H new logo.png

A public-private big data project on cardio-vascular diseases

  • 19 project partners

  • more than 130 scientists involved

  • 19 million € project budget

Screenshot 2021-07-09 at 14.03.30.png

An academy that offers courses related to real-world evidence 

  • Spin-off of two IMI projects -GetReal & GetReal Initiative

  • Part of GetReal Institute, a not-for-profit organisation


A public-private reseach project on prostate cancer

  • 32 project partners

  • more than 120 scientists involved

  • 12 million € project budget


A public-private project on medication safety in pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • 51 project partners

  • more than 250 scientists involved

  • 29 million € project budget


A public-private project on remote decentralised clinical trials

  • 32 project partners

  • more than 200 scientists involved

  • 38 million € project budget


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