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Examples of

research project websites 

Most research projects funded by the European Commission have a project website. Looking for nice examples of research project websites? Have a look at the collection we have curated! 


Scientific area: patient preferences

Picture 1.png

One great strategy that PREFER uses on their website is: VIDEO!

The biggest challenge on the internet today is to be perceived in the middle of this sea of content. According to researches, videos receive much more attention than a text in a blog. So, put videos on your project website is a good strategy to get more attention from your users. 


Scientific area: prostate cancer


These icons that the PIONEER website uses to describe their services is a nice way to present your project. We, as human beings, have different ways to assimilate information through our vision. We can do vision assimilations through draws, colors, and texts. But the question remains … how to get the attention of the readers? 

Get visual, use icons!


Scientific area: contaminated groundwater aquifers


The nice point to analyze on the "Reground" project website is the amazing design. They focus to pass their ideas through nice drawings, and actually, that is also related to the strategy used by PIONEER with the icons, as we saw previously. 


Visual websites attract so much more traffic than normal websites with huge texts. The thing is to put in the balance of how these images are contributing and it is being nice and how it is being distractive. Otherwise, if you find the balance between these two points, you will get so many viewers clicking around your website. 


The homepage from Reground is actually a simple landing page with just one sentence and a button calling the viewers to action, with “More Info”. This kind of a page that makes viewers curious and because of that, they will click around searching for more information.


Scientific area: Reconciling Europe with its Citizens through Democracy and the Rule of Law


The Reconnect website is a nice example of linking social media channels on their main website. For some projects it is important to build a great online community and make your project grow. 

However you may want to include your social media content on your website but maybe not so prominently on your landing page as in the example above. 


Scientific area: electric energy 


This project website it is called “Assured”. Have you already entered on a website that sometimes you just don’t know exactly what the company really does? 

To avoid this problem, it is essential to expose your products and services clearly as Assured did with the pillars. This style of organization is so helpful for the people that don’t know you yet understand your business idea and what exactly what is your project is about.   


Scientific area: cultural heritage 


The Rock project website uses a nice way to spread what is going on in the project, what are the upcoming events and also general information. 

These “News” helps the project to get known in the field of researches, and it’s always good to share what is happening and letting the people know what processes the project is passing through. 

This creates a feeling of empathy in others and can attract more viewers to your posts. It is also good to post current news because Google will see that your page posts a lot and will rank your website in a higher position on the searches. 


Scientific area: energy 


SOGNO choose a nice strategy to explain their service. Through a clean and organize map layout, they expose what they do, how they do, and how the business works. With a better understanding of the viewers over your idea will be easier to get more connections through that. 


Scientific area: nuclear reactors 


Show your numbers is really powerful to be respected in the digital world. With so many projects in the field, show your numbers can be a differential between one project and another. Numbers show how your quality indicators are going. A fact of exposing this type of data is that numbers pass credibility. Because the only projects that show their numbers are those projects that really have results. 


Cortex did that and showed the basic facts of the project. Displaying numbers is a great way to show your results, and the viewers will start to read your website with another mind, with another point of view.


Scientific area: nuclear reactors 


Migrate presented in their project website an image that shows the proportion that the project has. This can be a good point to get more attention from your public. In case if you have an international project, this is a good strategy to take. If your project has partners from many countries it is somethow big and relevant, and the viewers will be attracted by that.


Scientific area: 


On DARWIN’s project website on the home page that we can highlight two important aspects that can serve as an example. 

The first point is on the top of the page on the left side. There, we can see three icons that are linked with social media, and this is a great strategy because the viewers will be more involved in your project and can follow how your project it’s going on! 

The second point is the slide presentation in the middle of the page. There are important pieces of information about the project, and what are the main news from Darwin. The interesting point is that you can link each slide with other pages from your website. 

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