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research proposals

An idea needs good planning and efficient collaboration to become a successful proposal

Focus on your research while Collaborate manages your proposal: 
  • Coordination of all proposal activities

  • Setup of a collaboration platform (for e.g., Microsoft SharePoint/OneDrive/Teams)

  • Schedule and host regular teleconferences

  • Identify new participants and build synergies

  • Templates for an efficient writing process

Collaborate will regularly review drafts updated by participants, track all comments and revision requests, and ensure the proposal is always up to date.

Application Form (Part A)

Part A of the proposal is generated by the IT system. It is based on the information entered by the participants through the submission system in the Funding & Tenders Portal.

Collaborate will coordinate the completion of the following sections: 

1 – General Information
2 – Participants, which includes information on the organisation and its personnel

3 – Budget of the proposal
4 – Ethics and security, including the Ethics Self-Assessment
5 – Other questions (if applicable)


Budget of the proposal:

Collaborate will consult participants on the funding guidelines and help participants estimate their budgets accurately for every category, i.e., personnel costs, other direct costs, subcontracting costs (if applicable) and third-party costs. Collaborate will also review the budget and person-months (PMs) of all participants before submission.

Project Proposal – Technical Description (Part B)


Part B of the proposal is the narrative part that includes three sections that each correspond to an evaluation criterion.

Collaborate will co-write sections 1 and 2 along with the participants:


1. Excellence

1.1 Objectives and ambition

1.2 Methodology 

Collaborate will help integrate the overall methodology with:

  • how expertise from different dimensions will be brought together

  • gender dimension

  • open science practices

  • research data management and management of other research outputs

2. Impact

2.1 Project’s pathway towards impact
2.2 Measures to maximise impact - Dissemination, exploitation and communication
2.3 Summary (Canvas)


Based on input from the participants, Collaborate will improvise and complete:

3. Quality and efficiency of the implementation

3.1 Workplan and resources

  • Detailed work description, i.e.: a list of work packages, a description of each work package and the list of deliverables and milestones along with a list of critical risks, relating to project implementation. 


3.2 Capacity of the participants and consortium as a whole

  • Description of the consortium and its collective expertise, information on access to critical infrastructure, and explanation of various roles played by the members and how they would complement one and another. 



Collaborate will complete the following items and sections:

  • Work description for the Project Management, Communication & Sustainability work packages respectively

  • Gantt chart indicating timeline of the work packages

  • Pert chart indicating inter-relation of the project components

  • List of work packages (Table 3.1a)

  • Work package description (Table 3.1b)

  • List of deliverables (Table 3.1c)

  • List of milestones (Table 3.1d)

  • Critical risks (Table 3.1e)

  • Summary of staff efforts (Table 3.f)

  • ‘Subcontracting costs’ items (Table 3.1g)

  • ‘Purchase costs’ items (Table 3.1h)

  • ‘Other costs categories’ items (Table 3.1i)

With our support, a 45-page proposal will feel like a 20-pager!

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Thanks for submitting!

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