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There are many software solutions for managing projects out there. Interestingly you may also find a specific tool designed for the small field of H2020 research projects. I had the chance to test some of them but have to say that the use of specific tools for managing a multi-stakeholder project is not really helpful.


Keep in mind that all consortium partners in a given project are most likely involved in other projects. No one is really interested to learn a new tool just for one project with a limited runtime - even if the tool is very intuitive. I truly believe that tools the vast majority of colleagues are using anyway are best investing time. My suggestion is to stick to the Microsoft Office environment.


Keep it simple, use Sharepoint for document sharing, keep your shared files organized, make use of templates and checklists. The only exception I would make is for a good web conference solution. there are much better tools out there then Skype for Business. 


However, if you really think you need a specialized tool, please find below a list of tools that are still being used in H2020 projects. 

List of Applications


1. Author-e 






4. Euroscom


5. Innovation Place


6. Project Netboard




8. Xtranet-ISA

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