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Horizon Europe &
Horizon 2020 Applications

There are several software solutions for managing projects out there, including ones specialising in managing Horizon 2020 & Horizon Europe research projects. We have had the chance to test some of them and have to say that the use of specific tools for managing a multi-stakeholder project is not always the ideal solution. 

Our philosophy is to keep it simple; utilise SharePoint for document sharing, keep shared files organised, & make efficient use of templates and checklists. Finally, choose a good web-conference platform like Zoom and a collaboration platform like MS Teams for your research team(s).

If you'd still like to try out a specialised tool, check out this list of tools that are being used in some Horizon 2020 projects. 

List of Applications


1. Author-e 






4. Euroscom


5. Innovation Place


6. Project Netboard



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