H2020 timesheet template

Some background on timesheets for H2020 projects plus a free template for you.

WE have an UPDATEd document! 

Last year we developed a timesheet template to track your team's working hours. After collecting feedback from our latest version, we built a new timesheet for 2021, which you can download from here. Today, we're offering our updated version, with new formulae and new structures that will help you to manage your project.

If you are working on a Horizon 2020 project, it is a requirement to use timesheets for your team. There are multiple ways to do this (e.g. on paper or electronically). However, you should invest some thinking into a proper process. Request your staff to track their time regularly, ideally on a daily basis and request supervisors to check and countersign the timesheets also on a regular basis (e.g. on a monthly basis).

The Annotated Model Grant Agreement defines in §18 (page 179) six minimal requirements for timesheets:

Time records should include, as a minimum: 

  • the title and number of the action, as specified in the GA 

  • the beneficiary’s full name, as specified in the GA 

  • the full name, date and signature of the person working for the action 

  • the number of hours worked for the action in the period covered by the time record 

  • the supervisor’s full name and signature 

  • a reference to the action tasks or work packages of Annex 1, to which the person has contributed by the reported working hours.


The European Commission also provides a template for a timesheet. However, we didn't find it particularly helpful.

Timesheet H2020.png

We, from collaborate.eu, developed a nice and clean timesheet template for 2021 that will help you to record your time. Please note that this is a full time recording template to record not only the time for one specific project but for multiple projects. We also added some formulas to a summary sheet to calculate the total costs for you to cross-check if the costs are inline with your planning and claim expenses annually.


Timesheet Template.png