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EU research project management companies

Yes, there are some project management companies out there in Europe specialised on managing Horizon2020 projects. Please find below a list of some very active companies. We will update the list in future. Should you miss any specific company just let us know.

Link: http://www.accelopment.com 

Founder: Jeanette Müller 

Offices: Switzerland 

Employees: circa 14 

Accelopment is based in Zurich and it is specialised in different research areas, industries and funding programmes.  


1. Accelopment

Link: http://www.sciprom.ch 

Founder: Kirsten Leufgen 

Offices: Switzerland 

Employees: circa 5 

SCIPROM's is a project management company with a strong background in the science area. They develop their services with focus in innovation and good communication.  


2. Sciprom

Link: https://concentris.de/en 

Founder: Ameli Schwalber 

Offices: Germany 

Employees: circa 11 


Concentris provides support for funded research projects and consultancy services. As they have personell for event management you can say that this is one of their key areas.

Link: https://www.collaborate.eu 

Founder: Carl Steinbeisser 

Offices: Germany 

Employees: 3 


Collaborate is a young project management company. Their proposal service makes use of Sharepoint as a document sharing platform. In the area of project management of running projects they are quite involved in public-private partnerships.


3. Collaborate


4. Concentris 

Link: https://linq-management.com 

Founder: Claudia Schacht 

Offices: Germany 

Employees: circa 5 



5. LINQ 

Link: https://www.eurice.eu 

Founder: Jörg Scherer 

Offices: France, Germany, Belgium, England, Israel 

Employees: circa 41 

EURICE was funded as a spin-off form a German University. Involved asa partner in the well known IT-Helpdesk. It has now offices in 5 European countries.




7. LGI Consulting 

Link: http://lgi-consulting.com 

Founder: Vincent Chauvet 

Offices: France 

Employees: circa 22 


LGI Consulting was founded in 2005. They work with multinational companies, small and medium enterprises, research centres, universities and public institutions from across Europe. 

Link: http://www.arttic.eu/pages/en/home.php 

Founder: Christian Baumhauer 

Offices: France, Germany, Belgium, England, Israel 

Employees: circa 85 


Founded in 1987, ARTTIC is one of the biggest consultancy companies in the area of research projects, having offices in 5 countries. ARTTIC was acquired by PNO Consultants in 2019.



Link: https://www.ayming.co.uk 

Founder: Martin Hook 

Offices: France, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, United Kingdom, United States 

Employees: circa 38 


Ayming is a business specialised in innovation, finance, operation and people. This company has 15 offices around the World.  


9. Ayming 

Link: https://innovayt.eu 

Founder: Kenneth Glarbo 

Offices: Denmark, Portugal, Norway 

Employees: 37 



10. Innovayt 

Link: https://www.lygature.org 

Founder: Andre Broekmans 

Offices: Netherlands 

Employees: 43 


Lygature is a not-for-profit organization that works managing partnerships involving academia, industry and society to develop new medical solutions for patients.  


11. Lygature

Link: https://www.ttopstart.com 

Founder: Patrick de Boer 

Offices: Netherlands 

Employees: 17 

ttopstart is fast growing company in the fields of life sciences, medical technology and healthcare. With the majority of their employees working as consultants it focuses more on proposals than on project management. Same as ARTTIC Ttopstart was acquired by the PNO group.


12. ttopstart

Link: https://www.catalyze-group.com 

Founder: Theodoor Rutgers 

Offices: Netherlands: 

Employees: 72 



13. Catalyze

Link: https://synapse-managers.com 

Founder: Carlos Díaz 

Offices: Spain 

Employees: 21 

Synapse is fast growing company involved in many EC funded projects.

Link: https://www.biosciconsulting.com 

Founder: Scott Wagers 

Offices: Belgium 

Employees: 3 

Scott Wagers the founder ha san interesting blog and publishes frequently on his thoughts working research consortia: www.biosciconsulting.com/assembled-chaos


15. BioSci Consulting 


14. Synapse