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Collaborate on H2020 
proposals  &  projects

In multi-stakeholder projects, 

collaboration is key to get the best out of your team

"Regardless if you draft an H2020 proposal or work on a funded project, you need to be well organised, try not to reinvent the wheel, and collaborate efficiently with your team members to succeed with your project"

A good idea needs good planning and an efficient collaboration to become a successful proposal

"Our recipe: Choose a well-established collaboration platform to increase collaboration amongst your team members of your H2020 proposal. Use templates to save time and guidelines to improve your proposal. Stick to a timeline and checklist to not forget anything."

Budget Monitoring

Budget controlling, audit preparation, consultation on financial regulation


Coordination of all parts of the report, checks, timely submission


Progress Monitoring

Regular progress surveys, templates, monitoring of publications

Meeting Organisation

Agenda drafting, technical support, meeting website, billing, minutes and follow up, full meeting service


Internal Communication

Hosting of telephone conferences, event scheduling, communication interface, webinars

External communication

Coordination of communication activities, press releases, webinars, drafting of publication policy, feature published papers

These are ongoing projects we are currently providing our services


A public-private reseach project on patient preference

  • 33 institutions

  • more than 140 scientists and dozens of stakeholders involved

  • 12 million € project budget

A public-private reseach project on prostate cancer

  • 32 institutions involved

  • more than 120 scientists involved

  • 12 million € project budget

BD_H new logo.png

A public-private big data project on cardio-vascular diseases

  • 19 institutions

  • more than 130 scientists involved

  • 19 million € project budget

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