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project proposals

An idea needs good planning and efficient collaboration to become a successful proposal


Measures to maximise impact - Dissemination, exploitation and communication (2.3)

List of deliverables (3.1a)

List of work packages (table 3.1a)

Capacity of participants and consortium (3.2)

What We Do

Brief presentation of the overall structure of the work plan

Tables describing: 

  • Person months required (3.1f)

  • Subcontracting costs (3.1g)

  • Purchase costs (3.1h)

  • Other cost categories (3.1i)


Project’s pathways towards impact (2.1) 


 A collaboration platform.

We set up a ready-to-go collaboration platform for you.

You can choose from these three platforms you feel most familiar:

  • Google Drive 

  • Microsoft Sharepoint 

  • Microsoft Teams

15 templates.

Over 15 easy-to-use templates for specific sections of the proposal

10 guidelines.

Helpful guidelines to educate you on writing successful proposals

Checklist and timeline.

A preset timeline for your proposal to do everything in time and a checklist so you do not forget anything


Screenshot Sharepoint startsite
Screenshot Sharepoint startsite

Screenshot Sharepoint docs
Screenshot Sharepoint docs

Screenshot Pert chart
Screenshot Pert chart

Project Management Template to H2020 Proposals

Screenshot Sharepoint startsite
Screenshot Sharepoint startsite



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